Library of Flowers Parfum Crema, Willow & Water is a delightful fragrance product developed, crafted and packaged by fragrance artist Margot Elena. She distills her own botanicals, creating some of the most innovative fragrance products available today, Made lovingly in small batches in the USA.


As with all her creations, this parfum crema is a symphony of fragrances in three movements. The first scent is one we all look forward to and is the official smell of spring, Cut Greens. As you would expect this energetic and renewing fragrance transitions seamlessly into the soft scent of Flowering Lotus. The final fragrance in the experience is the fresh and crisp scent of Watercress. Parfum crema is much stronger than our Eau de Parfum so a only a couple of dabs will do. If you like the layered, full body experience, use with our shower gel or bubble bath and our handcreme, which can be used as a whole body lotion when mixed with a touch of water.


Recommended Skin Types

Library of Flowers Parfum Crema, Willow & Water is created for all skin types.


Main Benefits

  • Hand crafted my master fragrance artist, Margot Elena
  • Made in small batches in the USA
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Strong fragrance lets you use less
  • Fragrance experience in three movements
  • Three Fragrances that embody the essence of spring and summer
  • Unique collectable packaging
  • All natural botanicals distilled by Margot Elena

Willow & Water Round Tin

SKU: 1025
  • Library of Flowers Parfum Crema, Willow & Water is much stronger than regular Eau de Parfum so simply dab a dot on the wrists, the back of the ears and behind the knees and you're good to go!